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“Thoughts are Things” // “Timing is Everything” // “Carpe’ Diem“

About me


y name is Cindy Cobb, and I am from the beautiful hospitality state of Mississippi (and yes, I do have the southern accent….wink wink). I have two fabulous yorkie furbabies, Lexie and Lacie, who absolutely adore me! I have a very close family that consists of two wonderful supportive parents, an older sister, a younger brother, a sister in law that I call sister, four nieces, three nephews, one grand nephew and two grand nieces….and I LOVE football especially the Dallas Cowboys!

I am thankful and blessed to have this Women’s Empowerment Tribe platform to share my life’s journey in hopes that it will inspire, encourage, motivate, and bless someone else’s journey.

As women WE are everything to everyone in our lives, and sometimes WE just need to feel like what WE are doing is making a difference, that what WE are doing matters, and that someone is thankful and blessed by us. That is why we created the Women’s Empowerment Tribe……it all started with an idea to help empower women to value themselves through inspiration, motivation, education, and true friendships that has led to many women all over the world plugging into our TRIBE through our social media and our weekly calls.

I love what I do…….I am creating a legacy and building relationships…. and oh my goodness! Self development, positive self affirmations, and realizing that YOU have a story is what will change your life…..and more importantly the lives around you.

It is quite moving to hear the stories from these women about what this organization is doing in their lives. It’s humbling…..and yes, I’ve cried reading some of the facebook posts, and the heartfelt private messages letting us know how the Women’s Empowerment Tribe are affecting their lives…….this movement is stirring up change. This movement is empowering women to re-evaluate their lives, make changes, and create a life they desire to live. It is opening our eyes and minds to knew attitudes of positive affirmations that will lead to greatness!


t is powerful and makes my heart smile thinking about the impressionable people that God has put into this journey of mine……………to help me, get to hang around with people who inspire me, motivate me, truly care about me, love me, and to help me become better. Including all of you!

What I have found in my short 48 years is that life’s journey is a series of short stories. It’s a chance to write our story to our movie that will inspire and encourage others to take that chance and change something in their life—……and yes, there are ups and downs. Without those growing pains, how can we relate to others to help them grow through theirs? And the best thing about life is that each day is a day to “start over”.

We must tell ourselves daily these affirmations: I was put on this earth for a divine passionate purpose. I have power inside of me to make the difference that I want to be. I and I alone have the power to change and enhance that which I want different……I am beautiful, I am wonderfully made, I have a voice, I have love to share, I have thoughts to share, I am a work in progress for the betterment of my life………..I am worthy, I am goodness, I am striving to become what I want to see in others, I am powerful and will empower others….

I am better than I was yesterday. I am me!!

In comes the Women’s Empowerment Tribe……..Wow, what a blessing! These relationships that I’ve created through my personal life, my business and my self development have led me to women who are helping to change my life daily. To MY WE Tribe of 5 (Stace Falk, Jennifer Bishop, Lauri Lewellen, and Jessica Crate), to the women in the Women’s Empowerment Tribe organization I love you and am grateful that you are now a part of my journey. YOU rock sistahs!!!

WE ALL HAVE GREATNESS within us that is trying to get out! Go find your passion, your purpose, your reason to become the woman that you want to be. Someone is waiting on your story that will change their life!!

My word for 2015 is EPIC…..
My 2015 journey motto is:
Ever Loving,
Ever Changing,
Ever Growing!
I leave you with laughter, love, and my three favorite quotes for now……..until we meet again,
“Thoughts are Things”
“Timing is Everything”
“Carpe’ Diem”


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