Lauri Lewallen


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

About me


am a Florida native. I grew up in Gainesville, Florida and after chasing our careers for a decade my husband and I ended up moving back to Jacksonville where we live today. I have been married to my best friend and husband Hays for 17 years and we have two amazing sons, Hays Jr and Max. As for work… I have done it all….. Top sales performer for several carpet mills, sold real estate, worked in retail, owned my own interior design company and my own manufacturers rep company and the list goes on but nothing has been as rewarding and fulfilling as becoming an entrepreneur and a professional network marketer with Lifevantage.


ere is where I met the founding women of WeTribe. I get to fulfill my dreams by helping others believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams. Inspiring others is a calling for me. It fires me up to my core! I have always been a “think outside the box” kind of girl. Always believing that anything was possible if I believed in it hard enough and took the action required.


I didn’t always believe in myself however I was fortunate enough to have people in my life growing up that did believe in me and all it take is one person to believe in you and the next person will be YOU! That’s why I am so excited about the WE Tribe and our mission to help empower women to be all they can be. The personal growth, lifelong friendships, financial success and the ability to be my authentic self is what I want ALL women experience.


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