Lindsay Mattingly


“Happiness is not the things you attain, it’s the person you become.” –Lindsay M.

About me


am a native from the Hoosier state Indiana and graduated with a degree in Psychology from Purdue University. I worked in the food and bev industry all my life and felt that I had no direction in where I wanted to go in life. After graduating in 2007 from Purdue, I realized that school was just a way to get a piece of paper. I was tired of people telling me what I should do with my life and how I should manage my time. So it was time for me to step up and follow my passion. I worked in the food and bev industry for far too long, and the career I wanted to pursue was going to soak up more of my free time. I wanted to LIVE not just EXIST!

Shortly after graduating, I connected with my passion in the health and wellness community by becoming a certified Personal Trainer/Nutritional Counselor, licensed Zumba Instructor, and became a NPC figure/bikini competitor. My passion soon became my biggest paycheck, and I was having fun helping others improve their lifestyle.

I married my high school sweet heart in 2007 and we decided to take the leap of faith and leave the corn fields to pursue our passions by the beaches in South Carolina. We always had an entrepreneurial drive, but just had to figure out how to start a business in this world. After a few years of getting our feelers out in this world and spinning our gears, we jumped from 4 different states, and lived in 5 different houses all within 5 years. We soon realized that after having 2 children, we were building someone else’s life, not our own. Life is about enjoying each other and living life, not trading time for money!


am now a full-time lifestyle trainer educating women like YOU how to upgrade their lives to live a healthier, happier life. By becoming a figure/bikini competitor, I educate other women that even with a hectic schedule, we can take care of ourselves, build our confidence, and show the world what we got! My husband and I now travel the country to share our story and empower others to start taking control of their lives. It’s been such a fun roller coaster. We all go through life experiences, and some are pretty scarey roller coasters! Here’s the deal, you can either keep your hands in and close your eyes, or you can throw your hands up and enjoy the ride!

I am HONORED and GRATEFUL to be a part of the WE Tribe. I love all the women involved. We have all locked arms and are creating a legacy that will forever leave footprints in many hearts. I hope we have inspired, empowered, and motivated you to STEP UP and STEP OUT to become the person you were brought here to be. Let’s all UNITE and touch others with our stories!

Life will have it’s challenges, and life is not about attaining THINGS, it’s about the person you BECOME. It’s time to LIVE not just EXIST!


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