Our Story….


he Women’s Empowerment Tribe started with a vision of empowering and uplifting entrepreneurial women who strive to live a balanced life. As we came together and brain stormed our vision, we realized that we all need encouragement, motivation, and inspiration through daily affirmations and weekly calls.

The vision started between five women led to a tribe of over 2800 on our “The Women’s Empowerment Tribe” social media Facebook page within three months. These entrepreneurial women were seeking what we were searching for: to be part of a tribe of women who truly care about one another to help each other as we go through personal development, our businesses, and our families~~~basically to help us balance out our wheel of life.

Our mission is Inspiring, motivating, and educating
entrepreneurial-minded women on how to get ahead in a complex world.

Tribe of Conetct


ronically WE are all from different cities throughout the United States and WE met through a life-changing business opportunity that brought us together to change lives. WE just had no idea that God had an agenda vision that was parallel to our business agenda:: To help entrepreneurial women walk through the trials, struggles, hardships, successes, acknowledgments, and breakthroughs as we grow in a positive environment sparked by love.

What happened next?


E had an overwhelming response to our Tribe from women from all walks of life commenting and posting uplifting and powerful motivational quotes on our Women’s Empowerment Tribe Facebook page. Our first event was a breakfast held in San Antonio, TX with over 200 women who were crammed in a hotel bar area. The response was overwhelming! WE realized that day how HUGE this movement can become. WE went from the tribe of 5 to over 2800 women on our Facebook page that led to requests for Women’s Empowerment Tribe lunches, merchandise, and other ways to help their area Tribe of women succeed. WE then decided to incorporate as a business and form a 501c3 non profit organization to pay forward the blessings that we have experienced to women who are looking to expand their visions and create their dream lives..

WE had our name and Angelina logo copyrighted so that we could create an income stream that would fund our following vision through the sales of our merchandise and Women Empowerment Tribe events and functions.

The Tribe of 5 Create…


ur first creation was our logo, the Angelina charm. Angelina symbolizes the potential WE all have as Women Empowered. The heart is attached and entwined within her female figure. Embodied by the heart, she instills confidence in our beliefs to SUCCEED. A portion of all proceeds goes to fund the Women’s Empowerment Tribe Foundations: The Angel Fund and The Women’s Empowerment Fund.

WE are humbled and proud of what the Women’s Empowerment Tribe has already accomplished and what WE are creating for our futures……E thank each and every one of you women who plug in to our social media, events, and weekly calls.

WE pray that you are as motivated and inspired as WE are to continue to move forward with our vision and mission…

WE cannot wait to see where this takes us!

With much love,
Stace, Jennifer, Lauri, Lindsay, Cindy


Stace Falk

Cindy Cobb

Jennifer Bishop

Lauri Lewallen

Lindsay Mattingly

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