The Women's Empowerment Foundations


he Women’s Empowerment Tribe is a 501c3 non profit organization to pay forward the blessings that we have experienced to women who are looking to expand their visions and create their dream.

WE have created TWO funds to reach out to women with different areas, backgrounds, and goals to help them broaden their journey to create the success they deserve.

The Women's Empowerment Fund


his foundation is set up to help entrepreneurial women from all walks of life get started in creating their dreams. WE will help fund some of the expenses that are incurred when getting started as an entrepreneurial woman to help broaden their knowledge in becoming a professional. WE are working to partner with other organizations that will help entrepreneurial women in their quest to succeed with their business.

The Angel


he Angel Fund is set up for women who are with LifeVantage Corporation to fund continued education events to help them create a successful path for their career and business.


"We rise by lifting others."

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